• How It Works

    Investing with United Traders is an opportunity to profit from investment ideas that until recently have been available only to investors with deep pockets. Our technologically-advanced and scalable platform enables us to make investments more accessible.
    We strive to offer as less ideas as possible, while selecting only the best ones. You would need no special in-depth knowledge — it would suffice to look through the operational principles of different idea classes, their prospective gains, risks, required investment periods, and to get yourself familiar with detailed idea description.
    In the 10 years that we’ve been in business we’ve established ourselves as professionals within the financial community. We’ve been awarded prizes, licensed, and our companies have been audited. And clients who have worked with us remained satisfied.
    Risk levels
    Investing is more profitable than having a bank deposit. However, more often than not the higher the potential gain, the higher the risk. We offer ideas with different risks. You can choose the ones that suit you best.

    Investment idea types

    Investment ClassEstimated GainsMin. AmountRisk levelInvestment Period
    Kvadrat Black
    15 − 30 %
    5,000$LowAt Least 1 Week
    5 − 25 %
    50 − 100 %
    5,000$Medium3-6 months
    OTC stocks
    250 − 500 %
    25,000$Medium/HighAt Least 6 Months
    100 − 300 %
    1,000$Medium/HighAt Least 1 Day
    Type C Strategy
    300 − 1500 %
    5,000$HighAt Least 1 Month
    ICO and Pre-ICO
    100 − 500 %
    5,000$HighAt Least 1 Day
    All Investment Ideas

    Kvadrat Black

    We have been developing and improving our algorithmic strategies for several years. Since 2012 algorithms have been managing capital of the company, of our employees and investors generating consistent profits. Absolutely anyone can join us. You can exit at any time and get your profits at the end of a calendar month.


    Corporate entities and government authorities sell bonds to finance future growth. The more financially reliable the bond seller, the lower the risk for the buyer. We offer only high-yield bonds bearing no insolvency risks. The optimal period is twelve months; exit at any time.


    IPO stands for initial public offering of equity stock by joint-stock companies. We select and publish the best offers. Investors submit their bids to participate. We put together one large bid and buy shares at a favorable price prior to the public offering committing not to sell it within three months. The majority of these ideas generate double-digit percentage gains. Sometimes an early exit is possible subject to applicable fees.

    OTC stocks

    Using United Traders' Investments platform you can buy shares of privately held companies. We select companies with high capitalization, that are capable of competing with their global listed peers in terms of financial performance. Potential gains from such investments may be in the hundreds or thousands per cent, with a risk, however, that exiting such investments may be impossible for several years.


    We buy and sell stocks if conditions are met as set by our traders in advance. Usually it involves reaching a specific price point amid certain news. You can always exit the investment early without waiting for the price to hit the target. These ideas involve very high potential profits, but the associated risks are higher, than with other investment classes..

    Type C Strategy

    We have been following blockchain technology since 2013 and invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Waves, and other projects including through ICO on our own. Type C Strategies is the best solution for those who want to join the crypto boom but have no trading experience. It is important to note that these investments are very risky even if handled by experienced stock trading professionals.

    ICO and Pre-ICO

    Buying tokens is an opportunity to join any successful project that issues such tokens. The more people use tokens, the higher their price. Potential gains from such investment ideas are eventually limitless. However, choosing promising projects is extremely difficult due their high quantity. You'll be able to participate in a select few Pre-ICOs on special terms similar to IPOs.