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Video course on trading on the Aurora platform

Course for beginners

An introductory course to the Aurora platform is a video record of comments by an experienced professional trader working with the trading terminal. The beginners may rapidly master trading platform navigation and start trading on their own right after completing the course.

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Background and skills

Relevant materials

All materials are based on real trading examples of successful traders which sets us apart from other training programs.


Examples and situations reviewed by the coach provide for quicker join to trading, help to navigate at the terminal and learn options of your account and personal cabinet.


All the students receive detailed manual on platform operation, which is used in professional online courses for the company traders.

Trader-mentors and authors of the course


Grigory Polezhaev

The author of the course. Has been trading since 2014. From the very beginning he started to trade on the US stock market. For three years of trading he has never used his own funds, he deals only with prop-companies’ and investors’ funds. Trades mainly in-play stocks characterized by increased volume and high volatility. Generally practices intraday trading. The author of dozens of training manuals on trading cryptocurrencies and US companies stocks. Acts as a mentor in a line of training projects by the United Traders.

Trades with
2014 year
Scalping, day trading, mid-term trading, investing in ICO.
Stocks, cryptocurrencies.
NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, cryptocurrency markets

Artem Yevseyev

Author and presenter of the course One of the most successful students of United Traders, who became a trader at the end of the training, and also thanks to his skills and skills

Trades with
2015 year
Stocks, cryptocurrencies.
NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, cryptocurrency markets

Training program

    Первое занятие

  • Личный кабинет

  • Инвестиции

  • Тарифы

  • Скачивание платформы

  • Описание графика

  • Вотчлист

  • Линковка вотчлиста с графиком

  • Добавление/удаление тикеров

  • Стакан, лента

  • Торговая панель на графике

  • Типы ордеров

  • Маркет, лимит, стоп

  • Демо торговля

    • с графика
    • со стакана
  • Окно позиций, сделок и заявок

  • Настройки

  • Сохранение лайяута

  • Пополнение счета

  • Торговля на реальном счете

  • Статистика торговли

  • Второе занятие

  • 1 час ответы на вопросы

Course enrollment