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VIX Call Spread

VIX Long Call Spread
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Invest in VIX Call Spread

This investment idea is no longer available. New applications are not accepted

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About the idea author

Yaroslav Butin is a trader with 10 years of experience in the Us Stock market. He started as a scalper in prop trading company and is one of the most stable traders of UT. Since the beginning of 2013 Yaroslav has automated his strategies, some of which are still trading.

Trades since
2008 г
Trading style
Daytrading, Swing trading
Financial instrument

VIX Call Spread

FOMC will release its minutes on Wednesday, 10th of July. If the Fed won’t cut the rates, then the current levels of VIX as one vol asset could be interesting long entry levels. The idea is realised through VIX Long Call Spread with short expiration.

Why invest with United Traders?
Automatic execution

The opening and closing of a trading idea occurs automatically in accordance with the rules established by the author of the idea. This method will formalize the parameters of the transaction, and eliminate the human factor.


The automatic risk management system is triggered if losses exceed 30%, which makes mandatory approval of investments by a risk manager unnecessary.


The minimum investment amount is only$10. It is possible to replenish the card with a Commission of 3%. The Commission for withdrawal is fixed and is $ 35.

Key Investment Terms and Conditions


By signing up on the website you accept the public offer. The public offer details any and all legal matters. No individual contract or passport details required.

Completion conditions

The opening of a trading position will be carried out until July 10 and closed in a week.


The value of the shares in the personal account divided by 10, make it possible to invest 10$.


United Traders is experienced in mitigating any risks, but a future investor must be aware of all the risk types:

  • Any positive performance this strategy has shown in the past does not guarantee any similar performance going forward.
  • Option strategies incorporate the possibility of 100% loss of investment
  • The risk management system as any technical means may be subject to errors and malfunctions; therefore, there is no 100% guarantee that losses will be kept at or below 30%.

Invest in VIX Call Spread

This investment idea is no longer available. New applications are not accepted

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