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Advantages of investing in Bitcoin with United Traders

Market price
Purchase and sale of Bitcoin is carried out at stock exchange price by contrast with bots in Telegram and exchangers offering a price 30% higher than market price.
We make public offer – your money is protected by the law. You may always contact us on the phone: +7 495 646-15-57 or 8 800 333-66-81, or visit us at our office to discuss details of investment
Lower limit of investment makes only 500$. You may pay using your bank card or by bank transfer without any bank charges.
Easy account opening
We do not require a scanned copy of your passport or any other documents, by contrast with cryptocurrency exchanges.
Low commission
2% for entering and 2% for exiting.
After the purchase you may monitor changes of profits on-line in section My open investments.

Why Bitcoin is worth investing

Botcoin is still the largest crypto currency and serves as an index of confidence to the whole industry in general. For more than 5 years Bitcoin has been showing a steady growth in price.

Launch of futures at CBOT and CME became a significant growth point for Bitcoint; it has more than doubled since the news appeared. Futures is a derivative financial instrument (derivative), standardized fixed-term stock exchange contract for purchase and sale of an underlying asset. Advantages of derivatives market shall work in favor of Bitcoin, and this shall enable the purchase of Bitcoin by institutional investors and large hedge funds resulting in increase of Bitcoin capitalization.

The next stage in the development and consequently increase of the price shall be the launch of ETF at NASDAQ or NYSE stock exchanges. ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) is an investment fund traded on stock exchanges, much like stocks. Possibility to purchase Bitcoin ETF at the largest stock exchanges of the world shall attract a broader range of investors.

Resolution of the bitcoin scalability problem shall also greatly contribute to its growth.

Bitcoin valuation, billion $


Search interest for bitcoin on Google Trends


Strategy of Bitcoin investing

Buy & Hold strategy presupposes purchase of stocks and holding them for a long of time, with the goal that stocks will gradually increase in value over a long period of time. This is based on the view that in the long run financial markets always give a good rate of return.

Such approach has a strong track record as compared to different investment strategies, and, doubtless, is one of the best methods to invest in Bitcoin. This strategy allows avoiding such costs as bid/offer spread and brokerage, defying the stock exchange panic, staying self-possessed and upholding the outlined trading objectives.

How to trace profits and when to sell


Here is an example of a diagram in your personal cabinet. It’ll be updated automatically once a minute, indicating potential profit or loss (PnL). You’ll find digital display in the right upper corner (PnL). Below the diagram you may see the number of the purchased Bitcoins and current value of the asset. After pressing the button Sell you’ll see brief account of this transaction. Please, don’t be emotional about possible dramatic rise or fall of the diagram. Investment ideas like Buy & Hold are optimized for minimum a week. Though we do not limit time periods – you may close at any time by pressing the button Sell.

Dynamic display of the profit graph will appear in the nearest release

Guarantees and conditions

Legal guarantee

By completing a registration at the website you agree with Public Offer terms of service. This document stipulates all the legal issues involved. We do not require any personal agreement or passport particulars

Purchase conditions

Using UT platform for investments into Bitcoin, the investor will not become Bitcoin’s owner, he will just gain profits from the exchange rates fluctuations in the same way as in case of futures.

Other conditions

Settlement of accounts shall be carried out as close as 6 decimal places, that is why actual purchase amount may appear to be insignificantly less than the one you’ve deposited. The resting amount will be returned to your account in the personal cabinet.


United Traders have experience in minimizing the risks, but any prospective investor shall know all kinds of risks:

  • Positive tone of Bitcoin in the past does not guarantee similar growth in the future
  • Panic buying and speculative demand for Bitcoin make the price rise much higher than its fair price. Correction for Bitcoin may be quite savage and may make over 30%
  • Bitcoin value or capitalization of the whole market may take the plunge due to some legal restrictions
  • The stock exchange may suffer from hacker attack and all the accounts will be frozen by banks
  • Investing in Bitcoin is very risky!

Invest in ETH B-n-H

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