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    Binance Coin

    Binance Coin
    High risk

    A 6-Month Look-Back Chart

    Invest in Binance Coin

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    Why invest in Binance Coin with United Traders?

    Buying and selling Binance Coin is done at exchange prices, which contrasts Telegram bots and exchange offices offering 30% premium to the market price.


    You can buy and sell Binance Coin with a single click. Deposits and withdrawals can take from a few minutes to two days depending on the selected funding method.


    You can replenish your account and withdraw funds using a card or by transfer to a settlement account with a minimum bank fees.


    The procedure for opening and replenishing an account takes on average no more than a few minutes.


    In contrast to crypto exchange offices whose fees can be as high as 15%, we charge a 2% entry fee and a 2% exit fee.


    After you make your investment, you can track the performance in My Investments section.

    Why you should invest in Binance Coin

    Project details

    Binance Coin is the native cryptocurrency of Binance, a cryptocurrency exchange that provides a platform for trading Binance crypto assets. It was initially designed to pay for fees and other services.


    Binance launches new services that use Binance Coin. In 2018 the company released a successful service Binance Launchpad, a platform for launching tokens on the Binance cryptocurrency exchange. It provides startups with its blockchain platform to conduct ICO. To participate in a token sale, you need Binance Coin cryptocurrency.

    In spring 2019 Binance launched its own blockchain Binance Chain where it migrated all its Binance Coins. Several dozens of projects moved to Binance blockchain. The company also launched Binance DEX, a decentralized exchange running on the Binance Chain. The increase in demand for Binance Coin encourages the price growth of this crypto asset.

    Binance Coin price chart
    Source: coinmarketcap.com
    Google «Binance Coin» Request Popularity
    Source: trends.google.com
    Tracking results
    You can track the results of your investment in your account on the computer or smartphone. The charts are updated in real time – you can complete a transaction any moment you want.

    Below the chart you can see the number of bought coins and the current value of the asset. Here you can also see the transaction report.

    We recommend you don’t respond emotionally to possible price fluctuations. Investment ideas behind alternative financial tools are made for long-term investment. However, we don’t set any time limits – you can complete your transaction at any time.
    Key Investment Terms and Conditions


    By signing up on the website you accept the public offer. The public offer details any and all legal matters.


    By investing in Binance Coin through the UT platform an investor profits from price differences, just like with futures contracts, rather than becomes an owner of Binance Coin.


    Settlements are rounded to two decimal places; therefore, the actual buy amount may be slightly lower than you deposited. The remaining balance will be credited to your account.


    United Traders has experience in mitigation of all kinds of risks, but the future investor should be aware of them:

    • A positive dynamic of Binance Coin in the past doesn’t guarantee similar growth in the future
    • A boom in demand for Binance Coin and speculative demand causes the price to rise significantly above its fair value. Value adjustments can be very dramatic
    • Binance Coin’s value or the capitalization of the entire market may drop sharply due to any new legislative restrictions
    • Binance Coin’s price may decrease because of trade performance slumps on the Binance cryptocurrency exchange caused by different factors (closure, hack attack, technical failure, etc.), as well as because of the difficulties related to Binance services
    • Investment in Binance Coin is high-risk!

    Invest in Binance Coin

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