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Invest in Bitcoin

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Why invest in Bitcoin with United Traders?
Market Pricing

Buying and selling Bitcoin is done at exchange prices, which contrasts Telegram bots and exchange offices offering 30% premium to the market price.


You can buy and sell Bitcoin with a single click. Deposits and withdrawals can take from a few minutes to two days depending on the selected funding method.


You can replenish your account and withdraw funds using a card or by transfer to a settlement account with a minimum bank fees.

Opening An Account Is Easy

The procedure for opening and replenishing an account takes on average no more than a few minutes.

Low Fees

In contrast to crypto exchange offices whose fees can be as high as 15%, we charge a 2% entry fee and a 2% exit fee.


After you make your investment, you can track the performance in My Investments section.

Why you should invest in Bitcoin
Bitcoin continues to be the largest cryptocurrency and the benchmark of confidence in the entire industry, bitcoin has been showing a steady price growth over more than 5 years.

The pivotal moments for bitcoin growth were the launch of futures on CBOT and CME in 2017 and ICO boom. In winter 2017/2018 the cryptocurrency market was swept by the bull rally, creating a bubble. For 2018 the market was recovering from the bubble. This challenging time proved the strength of the first cryptocurrency: the community grew and gained maturity. In spring 2019 the market showed a positive trend, and the bitcoin price bounced back to previous values, this time due to more sustainable factors. The indicators of network performance and user activity show consistently high values.

More and more institutional investors appear on the cryptocurrency market driving up the standards of trade and demand for controlled tools. The U.S. will see some legitimate trading platforms soon such as Bakkt that provide services in compliance with the strict rules of American financial market.

Bitcoin continues to scale to the real economy: according to Coin ATM Radar, at the start of July there are more than 5, 000 cryptocurrency ATMs and 150, 000 businesses that officially accept Bitcoin. We also see the development of “a second layer to bitcoin's blockchain” for retail the likes of Lightning Network that enables instant, low-cost bitcoin transactions. Basically all major world corporations are working on distributed ledger solutions.

We are confident that Bitcoin is too undervalued.
Bitcoin valuation, billion $
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Bitcoin Investment Strategy

The Buy&Hold strategy involves buying stocks and holding them for a long time on the expectation of further price increase. This approach assumes that the global long-term trend is always to the upside.

This method has proved its advantage over various other common stock investment strategies time after time; the Buy&Hold approach is undoubtedly one of the best methods to invest in Bitcoin. It allows avoiding losses from minor price fluctuations and additional fees as well as giving no way to any panic, staying calm, and following set trading objectives.

Tracking results
You can track the results of your investment in your account on the computer or smartphone. The charts are updated in real time – you can complete a transaction any moment you want.

Below the chart you can see the number of bought coins and the current value of the asset. Here you can also see the transaction report.

We recommend you don’t respond emotionally to possible price fluctuations. Investment ideas behind alternative financial tools are made for long-term investment. However, we don’t set any time limits – you can complete your transaction at any time.
Quarterly return on investment
Year 1st quarter 2nd quarter 3rd quarter 4th quarter
2019 9,30% 173,20% -26,80%
2018 -51,90% -8,00% 4,20% -42,40%
2017 10,80% 136,50% 65,00% 243,80%
2016 -3,50% 60,90% -8,90% 59,10%
2015 -24,00% 7,40% -9,90% 81,80%
2014 -37,80% 41,30% -40,00% -17,70%
Average return on investment for October 2019
YTD return 1 year return 3 year
annualized return
3 year
cumulative return
5 year
cumulative return
97,90% 16,70% 79,40% 477,10% 2001,90%
Key Investment Terms and Conditions


By signing up on the website you accept the public offer. The public offer details any and all legal matters.


By investing in Bitcoin through the UT platform an investor profits from price differences, just like with futures contracts, rather than becomes an owner of Bitcoins.


Settlements are rounded to two decimal places; therefore, the actual buy amount may be slightly lower than you deposited. The remaining balance will be credited to your account.


United Traders is experienced in mitigating any risks, but a future investor must be aware of all the risk types:

  • The positive performance that Bitcoin has demonstrated in the past does not guarantee any similar performance in the future.
  • A Bitcoin buying fever and speculative demand for it drive prices much higher than its fair value. A correction in Bitcoin prices may be extremely sharp and exceed 30%.
  • Bitcoin price or capitalization of the entire crypto market may plummet following any new regulatory restrictions;
  • An exchange may be targeted by hacking attacks; and their accounts may be frozen by banks;
  • Investing in Bitcoin is highly risky!

Invest in Bitcoin

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