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    Revolutionary in the space industry
    Medium risk

    Money Valuation from 2015 to 2018

    Invest in SpaceX

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    Investment Idea Details

    SpaceX is a revolutionary rocket and spacecraft manufacturer. The company creates and launches modern rockets and spacecrafts.

    SpaceX was founded by Elon Musk in 2002 and upended the rocket industry by successfully introducing and implementing the application of reusable rockets. The company’s ultimate goal is to enable people to live on other planets.

    SpaceX also aspires to become the leading and first satellite service provider. In May 2019 the company launched the first 60 satellites for its space internet Starlink.

    Market outlook

    SpaceX shows strong growth rates of key revenue drivers. In 2012 the company launched two Falcon 9 rockets, and in 2018 SpaceX made 20 successful launches of Falcon 9 and another successful launch of Falcon Heavy.

    SpaceX intends to launch up to 12, 000 satellites in the near future to bring affordable internet access to people all over the world.

    SpaceX’s upcoming project in the pipeline is Starship scheduled for its first commercial mission in 2021. The lofty goal behind Starship is to send people and resources to the surface of Moon and Mars.


    In some business segments SpaceX may experience intense competition, with Amazon’s plans to launch its satellite internet. This may have a negative impact on SpaceX’s value.

    Financials and Valuation

    In 2018 SpaceX brought in $2,02 billion in revenue, growing from $1,3 billion in 2017, an annual growth rate of 55%. The number of launches of rockets grew from twofold increase in 2012 to 21-fold increase in 2018, an annual growth rate of 40%.

    The value of SpaceX in latest funding round in June 2019 was as high as $35 billion. Currently (July 2019), the company’s shares trade on OTC market in the range of $230-$235 per share, equivalent to $36-$38 billion worth in equity value.

    According to our estimates, the projected value of SpaceX is to reach $57 billion in 2020 and to hit $147 billion by 2025. The potential return on investment by 2021 (scheduled IPO date) will be over 100%.

    Сompany statistics
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    How Venture Investments Work
    1. Searching for Companies

    United Traders analysts are in continuous search for OTC offers studying financial reporting, companies’ businesses, their future plans, analyzing them as potential acquisition targets or estimating prospective multifold capitalization increase as well as considering risks that may hinder business growth. The best ideas are offered to our investors.

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    Minimum Amount
    250 $
    2. Buying shares

    As part of our service for purchasing shares on the OTC market, for its traders and investors United Traders buys units in funds that own equity stakes in private companies. These funds make early-stage investments in private companies or acquire equity stakes from employees of such companies.

    Accepting Bids until
    3. Public Offering

    United Traders will have shares at its disposal after the IPO. The shares can be sold after the established 6-month Lock-up period. Alternatively, the shares can be hedged for the above period. Prior to the company going public United Traders look for exit options in the OTC market. If we find a great offer, we sell the shares.

    Public Offering Date
    Estimated Gains
    + 150 %
    4. Taking profit

    After the Lock-up period is over, the investment position will be automatically closed, and generated profits are credited to your account less the applicable UT fees. We offer an opportunity for investors with over $100,000 invested in a specific idea to search for a counterpart in the OTC market individually and to take profits before the company goes public and thereby exiting the trade prior to the Lock-up period expiration.

    ̴ 2022
    Early Exit

    Although it is prohibited to sell shares within the Lock-Up period, our traders find ways to take profits for our investors using various financial instruments: forwards, options, short selling trades, etc.

    For an investor the above means that the investment may be exited after paying a portion of its value, usually around 15% which is caused by highly-priced instruments used to close the position. To do so, you should press the respective button in your members area as soon as it becomes active.

    The exiting process is similar to making a new investment. You submit a request, we execute it within 1 business day, and your investment is closed at the current exchange price. However, we rarely recommend exiting your investments early as performance after the Lock-Up Period is better on average.



    3.5% of the share purchase amount. The fee is charged at confirmation of your investment bid.


    0.5% of the share sell amount after the trade. The fee is charged at the investment exit.


    20% of the profit gain. The fee is charged only if the trade is profitable at the time of exiting.


    Usually a 15% fee is charged subject to the actual situation at the exchange. The fee is calculated individually for each investment.

    What Are the Benefits of Investing with United Traders?


    Our risk managers will support you throughout the entire transaction life. You can also contact us by phone: +7 495 646-15-57 or 8 800 333-66-81, or visit our office for a detailed discussion.


    Venture investing is very risky as they involve new or growing companies, and multifold increase in capitalization is expected. We select companies that already demonstrate strong financials and plan to go public soon. This approach allows limiting hyper-risks related to insolvency of new companies and substantially increasing profits as compared to investors who buy shares in a pre-IPO subscription.


    To qualify for a pre-IPO subscription, one would need millions of dollars. We gathered a pool of traders and investors allowing everyone interested to join similar transactions with as much as $15,000.


    United Traders is experienced in minimizing risks but a future investor should be aware of all risk types:

    • Illiquidity. There is a possibility that early exit from this investment will take more than 1 month.
    • Asymmetric information. Management and current investors have access to more internal information about the company than other market participants.
    • Time uncertainty. There is no information regarding next financing round or exit strategy timeframe (IPO or M&A).
    • Share dilution. The issue of additional shares by a company may reduce the value of shares of existing investors.

    Invest in SpaceX

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