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Trading with the United Traders' funds!

  • Openness

    We keep searching for experienced traders and traders groups for trading with the company's money.

  • Flexibility

    You get access to the maximum possible number of trading venues and can use any tools and strategies, including HFT.

  • Career growth

    We are the first prop-trading company in the world, giving you an opportunity to grow from an ordinary trader to a hedge fund manager.

How to join UT

  • Fill in an application form

    Don't forget to attach your trading statistics for the period of the latest 6 months

  • Our manager will get in touch with you

    He/she will ask you some extra questions and arrange an interview

  • Sign a contract

    Negotiate the terms and risks

  • Download
    the Trading Platform
  • Start earning!

United Traders

The given form of cooperation does not imply any costs for the trader. You simply inform us of your wish to join the United Traders team and tell us about your achievements and development plans.
If we find them relevant, we will offer you the most favorable terms of cooperation.

All UT traders are provided with:

  • Non-stop support of a risk-manager and automatic risk control
  • Specially developed software for controlling risks for a traders group
  • An opportunity to negotiate special terms with exchanges
  • An opportunity to trade in our dealing venues for free
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  • 200

    experienced traders all over the world choose UT

  • 5300

    traders have selected us as a partner for development

  • 1.1%

    of the NYSE turnover was made by
    UT traders during the crisis year of 2008

  • #1

    we were the first to introduce
    prop-trading to Russian traders

of UT traders

No statement?

For some reasons, you don't have a statement, we suggest that you take part in UT challenge — a contest, as a result of which you can get access to managing a capital of up to $100,000. You can learn more about the terms and take part in UT Challenge at the official web site of the contest. Отправить заявку

Мы в прессе

  • United Traders Вишневский создал в 2009 году вместе с Дмитрием Белоусовым и Анатолием Радченко. Первоначальные инвестиции — $80 000…

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  • Почему успешный трейдер вечно обязан делиться прибылью с начальством? Не получив ответа, создатели фирмы United Traders решили стать сами себе хозяевами – и зарабатывать уже на успехах других…

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  • 2014-09-15_1924
    Помеленок Владимир

    Большинству трейдеров для успешной торговли не хватает только практического опыта. Анатолий Радченко дал мне все, что нужно знать. Теперь я всегда могу обратиться к Анатолию с вопросами для повышения знаний и совершенствования собственных навыков.

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  • 29507_104266166286773_1538861_n
    Тимофей Мартынов, ведущий программы «Рынки» на РБК-ТВ

    У ребят из United Traders очень созидательная бизнес-модель. Эта модель предусматривает гораздо большую заинтересованность компании в том, чтобы ее трейдеры были прибыльны…

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