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Video course «Fundamentals of finance, investment and trading»

For beginning traders and investors

Find out what suits you best: trading or investing. Learn to distinguish qualitative investments from deception and pyramids. Protect yourself from forex scams and «binary options.» Choose your trading style. Start investing small amounts of money today. Learn from professionals!

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Урок 1 из 30. Вступительное занятие

The course consists of 30 lessons
We recommend starting training with them

Course Benefits

You will learn much about stock exchanges and their types
You will learn much about different types of traders and their peculiarities
You will review specific examples of investing funds equal to 100.000 RUB and up
You will examine all the ways of investing acceptable for small capitals
You will be able to distinguish Forex or Binary options fraudsters from real brokers
You will learn how to choose a broker
Understand the essence of trading strategies and trade styles
You will learn a few tricks of market professionals

Урок 2 из 30. Рынок форекс или всё-таки кухня?

The course consists of 30 lessons
We recommend starting training with them

Trader-mentor and the author of the course


Anton Klevtsov

The author and the coach of the course. Has been successfully working on US markets as a member of the United Traders team since 2011. Without wasting time for Forex agencies, Anton from the very beginning started to work at a real market. Soon he realized that scalping - multiple short-term trades on the US stock market NYSE - would be exactly his style. In the course of his career as a trader and coach he trained hundreds of traders, wrote dozens of educational articles and several training manuals, including those devoted to scalping and pairs trading. The company expert in all matters of traders’ training.

Trades with
2010 year
Scalping, Day Trading, Pairs Trading, Arbitrage, Medium-term Trading, Investing in IPO and ICO
Stocks, Futures, Options, cryptocurrencies
NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, СМЕ, МОЕХ, cryptocurrency markets

Урок 3 из 30. Бинарные опционы — это обыкновенное казино!

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Lessons program

  1. Teaser of UT OFIT project
  2. The forex market or the kitchen?
  3. Binary options - this is an ordinary casino!
  4. What is the Exchange and how does it work?
  5. The history of the conception and development  of the Exchange
  6. The structure of the Exchange?
  7. US stock exchanges.
  8. What is traded on the exchange?
  9. What is an IPO? M&A.
  10. What are futures?
  11. Investors and Traders.
  12. Pension funds and UITs
  13. How to earn a pension? Part 1.
  14. How to earn a pension? Part 2.
  15. How to buy currencies at a good rate?
  16. Personal Investment Account (PIA)
  17. The best ways to invest $100500. Part 1.
  18. The best ways to invest $100500. Part 2.
  19. The best ways to invest $100500. Part 3.
  20. What to start with? Choosing a broker. Part 1.
  21. What to start with? Choosing a broker. Part 2.
  22. Strategies of trading on the Exchange that work
  23. Effective Trading Strategies
  24. Swing trading and medium-term trading
  25. Arbitration at the stock market
  26. Secrets and tricks of trading. Part 1.
  27. Secrets and tricks of trading. Part 2.
  28. Trading robots.
  29. Algorithmic strategies.
  30. Creating your own profitable strategy.

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