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МОЕХ Trading

For traders of any level

How to trade profitably, regardless of the direction of the market The course presents the approaches to work on the stock

Scalping bg

Background and skills

How to make money in the market without trying to predict the future
How to reduce the level of stress in the market
Why you should study the business of the company whose shares you buy
What technical and legal aspects of the work of the exchange should be taken into account
How can the structure of the companys shareholders be useful
Why a trader can benefit from a market without movement
How to distinguish the quality of assets traded on the exchange
What are the advantages of managing a trading position in comparison with its passive retention
How to make money on a loss-making business using bonds
How to reduce risks when entering a strong market movement
How were these ideas implemented in the stock and derivatives markets
What is IIS and what prospects does it open for the owner of a small account



Grigory Bogdanov

Trader and asset manager Conducts trading on the stock

Trades with
2010 year
Time trade, value investment
shares, bonds, futures, pensions
МОЕХ Trading

Detailed program of lessons