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Course for Beginners

The author's project, which absorbed all the best techniques on how to start trading on the US stock exchange. Alexei will build a foundation from which you can begin your long journey into the profession of a trader.

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Introductory lesson

Trader-mentor and the author of the course


Alexey Markov

The author and lead of the course, the author and lead of the project Trading Floor, trader. Expert in technical analysis and crack specialist in trading in-play stocks. The author of dozens of educational articles and materials about trading. One of the steadiest traders of the company since 2007. A record holder of break-even activity period of 3,5 years. As a team member invests to cryptocurrencies and ICO since 2013.

Trades with
2007 year
Day trading, medium-term trading, investing in IPO and ICO
Stocks, cryptocurrencies.
NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, cryptocurrency markets

Detailed program of lessons

Lesson 1

  • Types of orders

  • What is ECN

  • Concepts of Uptick Rule and Hard-to-Borrow

  • Commissioning structure

Lesson 2

  • Trading terminal Aurora

  • Installation and settings of working layout

  • Proper workspace for trading

Lesson 3

  • Risk Management

  • Auto Cover, plus and minus Stop Loss

  • Calculation of daily and overnight BP

  • Use of the leverage, trade in fractional lots

Lesson 4

  • Types and styles of trading

  • Fundamental analysis

  • Reading the news in a proper way

Lesson 5

  • Technical analysis

  • The concept of Trend

  • Working patterns for day trading

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