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Day Trading

For traders of any level

Secrets of managing $1,000,000 positions. Intensive online classes with one of the best traders of the United Traders team.

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Совершенно уникальное пособие, пережившее несколько редакций с 2013 года, полностью актуализированное на данный момент. Если вам интересна торговля сверхволатильных акций, подогретых новостным фоном, если вы готовы перешагнуть границы привычного для вас риска — это практическое пособие для вас! Информация, данная в пособии, уникальна на 100% и является ноу-хау проп-трейдеров компании United Traders. Идеально подойдет трейдерам среднего и продвинутого уровня подготовки. Начинающие могут ознакомиться с информацией и понять, к чему им предстоит прийти в будущем.

The courses will teach you how to:

Make sense of market infrastructure as a pro
Trade Patterns
Make money on corporate news
Find the best entry points
To get hundreds of dollars from one lot
Analyze the market before trade opening
Choose the hottest stocks
Gain profits from IPO of well-known companies

Trader-mentors and authors of the course


Anatoly Radchenko

The author of the course. Co-founder and managing partner of the United Traders. Member of the Expert board for digital economy and blockchain technology under Russian State Duma Committee. 11 years of trading on the American stock market, 7 years of promoting trading in Russia. As a team member invests to cryptocurrencies and ICO since 2013.

Trades with
2007 year
Day trading, medium-term trading, investing in IPO and ICO
Stocks, futures, options, cryptocurrencies
NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, cryptocurrency markets

Alexey Markov

He has been successfully working in the United States in the United Traders team since 2011 Author and teacher of the course on daytrading

Trades with
2007 year
Day trading, medium-term trading, investing in IPO and ICO
Stocks, cryptocurrencies.
NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, cryptocurrency markets

Detailed program of lessons

Course features

Convenient format

Classes are held at convenient evening time. Free communication format provides for quick and deep understanding of all matters of interest, thus adjusting the program according to your needs.


Private chats provide for possibility to discuss freely all matters of interest with the coach.

Relevant materials

All materials are based on real trading examples of successful traders which sets us apart from other training programs.

Daily trades analyses

Detailed review of each student trade along with recommendations and tips.

Working together with a team of traders

Course leavers have an opportunity to become a part of the UNITED TRADERS team and manage the company’s funds equal to millions of USD.

Trade with a mentor

The trader explains in detail the principles of his decisions in the course of trading, teaches to read correctly graphs and tapes.

After training support

Mentors support students even after the end of training, review trades and give recommendations for improvement thereof.