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Cryptotrade 2.0

For traders of any level

Unique and the most extensive online course on crypto-currency market, trading and investing: 12 practical lessons and 10 individual lessons with a coach. The course reviews in details blockchain, mining, purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies, trading strategies, deposit management, creating cryptocurrencies portfolio, risks minimization, analysis and investing in successful ICO.

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Данное пособие в полной мере раскрывает основные принципы использования технического анализа для достижения максимального положительного результата в торговле на рынках криптовалют. Также затронуты темы психологии торговли, управления капиталом, качественно разобраны стили торговли, применимые к этому молодому и очень волатильному рынку.

The course will give you an opportunity to review all the topics related to crypto world.

Cryptocurrency trade
To get trading strategies that work
To analyze cryptomarket news
To learn everything about risk management and money management in volatile currencies trading
To select promising cryptocurrencies and secure exchanges for trading
To navigate in a huge number of altcoins
To analyze promising ICOs and launch the one of your own
To select the most promising ICOs only



Grigory Polezhaev

The author of the course. Responsible for the theory of blockchain and active trading at the course. Has been trading since 2014. Technical analysis expert. His key strength in trade is risk and money management and full control over emotions. Cryptocurrencies are up to the point for his trading skills. Only those who are good at traders’ psychology are able to subdue a very volatile market.

Trades with
2014 year
Scalping, day trading, mid-term trading, investing in ICO.
Stocks, cryptocurrencies.
NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, cryptocurrency markets

Alexey Markov

The author and the coach of the courses Cryptotrading 2.0 and Daytrading, project leader of the Trading Floor, trader. Maestro of technical analysis and first rate specialist of in-play stocks trading. All these skills are perfectly fit for applying on cryptomarket. He actively applies his most profitable patterns for cryptocurrencies returns. Aleksey knows all peculiarities of investments in successful ICO projects, as he is well experienced in launching tokens by the United Traders company and he is ready to share his experience with you.

Trades with
2007 year
Day trading, medium-term trading, investing in IPO and ICO
Stocks, cryptocurrencies.
NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, cryptocurrency markets

Detailed program of lessons

Bonuses for students

Trading followed by a mentor

We appreciate interaction and feedback, that is why students may freely discuss any issues of interest with each other and with a coach in a private chat.

A new experience without stress

We are focused on practice that is why we help to gain new trading experience and make sure that this experience is as successful as possible.

Deals of transactions

Detailed comments on transactions of all the students with recommendations and tips from the coach.

Online dialogue

You will be provided with eight training manuals including Cryptotrading 2.0, Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, Practical guide on mining and others.

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Take advantage of our unique offer and purchase an additional package of individual lessons for joint trade with the experienced trader of the company