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Cryptotrade 1.0

Course for Beginners

Cryptotrading 1.0 is a video course led by one of the best experts of the United Traders company in the sphere of cryptocurrencies. This course will provide the novices with the first experience of trading on cryptocurrency exchange and let the more experienced market participants to go deep into nuances of blockchain and ICO.

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Upon completion of the course you will learn to:

Understand principles of cryptocurrencies and blockchains operation;
Distinguish valuable cryptocurrencies from pyramids;
Select cryptocurrencies and exchanges for trading;
Cryptocurrency trade
Protect yourself from scammers;
Gain profits from ICO;
Apply risk management and money management;
Make quick analysis of market news

Course Leader


Anatoly Radchenko

The author of the course. Co-founder and managing partner of the United Traders. Member of the Expert board for digital economy and blockchain technology under Russian State Duma Committee. 11 years of trading on the American stock market, 7 years of promoting trading in Russia. As a team member invests to cryptocurrencies and ICO since 2013.

Trades with
2007 year
Day trading, medium-term trading, investing in IPO and ICO
Stocks, futures, options, cryptocurrencies
NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, cryptocurrency markets

Detailed program of lessons

Course features

A new experience without stress

We are focused on practice that is why we help to gain new trading experience and make sure that this experience is as successful as possible.


We appreciate interaction and feedback, that is why students may freely discuss any issues of interest with each other and with a coach in a private chat.

The newest materials

Basic training materials are updated based on the latest news and market situation, and provided by trade reviews in real-time mode.