Advantages of Studying with UT

31 174
student, including participants in webinars and viewers of video lessons
1,5 years
would take an independent study of the materials of our courses
40 %
The materials of the courses are the know-how of United Traders
1 %
the turnover of nyse in the 2008 crisis was made by traders UT
200 000 000 $
we gave out to successful students for 6 years

The main features of online learning in United Traders

Live trade
Trainers - professional traders
Possibility to get into the state
Practical exercises
Practical couch training
Trading account for training and earnings
Topical materials based on the market situation
Daily parsing of student transactions
Online communication with the trader-mentor

What do the course participants receive

United Traders is a leader in training and training of professional traders. The best students become part of the team and get into management significant funds from the hedge fund Kvadrat SPC.


We help from scratch to master all the necessary skills to start an independent trading process

  • Knowledge of terminology and bases of financial analysis

  • Ability to navigate in the securities market of Russia and the United States

  • Choosing your direction in trading

  • Develop your own profitable trading strategy

  • Ability to track dozens of positions in stocks

  • Development of individual style of trade


We sharpen the students' skills in practical classes

  • 10+ working trading strategies

  • Intensive practice on a real trading account in 20 000 USD

  • Ability to make high-precision inputs

  • Ability to identify large players and earn with them

  • Work Skills on the News

  • Secrets of position management in 1 000 000 USD


Get the opportunity to become part of the team of professional traders United Traders

  • Free consultations from traders of mentors

  • Dealings and recommendations for improvement

  • The ability to manage funds in the millions of USD from the hedge fund Kvadrat SPC

  • Ability to work in the state

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