United Traders

An advanced investment and financial services company with a team of professional traders and software engineers developing unique stock market trading applications.

Our rewards

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Best Private Investor 2011

Our robot expanded the original portfolio from RUB 154,000 to RUB12,000,000, thus ensuring profitability of almost 8,000 per cent per annum in the initial two and a half months.

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Best Private Investor 2012

Profitability generated by the robot designed by UnitedTraders.com throughout the contest amounted to 5,288.44% with the aggregate revenues totalling RUB2,644,220, thus allowing us to be awarded the title of The Best Private Investor 2012..

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Entrepreneur of the Year 2012

This is a top-tier international award for business men or women, the so-called ‘Nobel Prize’ for the business community. Roman Vishnevsky, UT managing partner, reached the finals.

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Best Equity Fund (Global)

The best fund investing in the shares in the global companies.

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Best Risk-Adjusted Return

The fund with the best risk-to-reward ratio. It means that in addition to high revenues Kvadrat Black performance is deemed consistent and proves that applicable trading strategies are highly efficient.